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Transforming Health Insurance

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Redefining Health Insurance

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The product of a health insurance is safety. But this does not stop us from taking risks when it comes to rethinking the way a health insurance provides its services.

Make it happen

Real Change Requires Commitment

Corporate Goal

Changing an established business is hard. With determination and confidence we work to break through decades-old conventions, by applying new ways of thinking and technology to old and new challenges. 

On the move

New World, New Rules

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The world is changing and so are we. We work from home, from the office, from anywhere. Join us on our journey to transform the German health insurance market.

Technologies we use
  • AtlassianAtlassian
  • FlutterFlutter
  • GitGit
  • ReactReact
  • TailwindTailwind
  • UiPathUiPath
  • FigmaFigma
  • ContentfulContentful